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“You are a fat, dying flower” – on being an unmarried foreigner in the Congo, and other musings on gender dynamics while abroad

If you don’t want to be consistently questioned about your marital status, don’t come to Congo. In my experience, it is a common occurrence as a woman to be asked if you are married in Africa. I’m sure other female … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Congo – Beyond Conflict Stories

Picture you are standing on a road. It is a regular road, maybe going down to the lake, where you can look out over the mountains. It is hard to walk, because the road you are standing on is covered … Continue reading

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Why Should You Care About Sexual Violence?

Why should you care about sexual violence? This seems like a silly question to ask, doesn’t it? You read the news and there is a story about a woman raped in the Congo, in  CAR, in Syria, and you think … Continue reading

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